समस्या का समाधान आपके हाथ मै है

सुरक्षा का द्वार मानव अधिकार


The Human Right Alert and Welfare is set up to give the safeguard make awareness to the people virtue of this people can enjoy their rights themselves and give prior to their life. The day to day observation and found that so many people suffers in many ways in different situations People suffers in government and public sector for their works, they faced difficult from the anti social and druggist people by which their daily routine get diverted. Violence against women and child labour also play brings back foot majorrole to build a good society. There are government aids and facilities, but in the hand of seeking people is become zero due to some dominant Governemnt and Public and political people.

So put all in one eye we set our Organization under the Chairmanship of Mr. Narender Chokker in the year 2009. To build good society and also a strong Nation.}} human Right Alert & Welfare was established in the year of 14th January 2009 by the body members chaired by Mr. Narender Chhoker as a non offficially. There it has been discussed and start for work throughout and make awareness the people about their rights and dignity. And it was registered on 24th December 2009 Under Society Registration ACT XXI of 1860 Registration No. S/67871/2009 . Now this team is grows up and presently there are 200 members are participated in this organization . At presently we have been working Delhi-NCR area and planning to run other states in future very soon.